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The Master Ascension Light Code

Discover The Update You Need Most

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Do you struggle with any physical health issues?

Do you feel genetically predisposed to health issues?

Have you ever felt like an outsider or a 'black sheep'?

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Have you ever felt like star-beings are trying to communicate with you?

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Do you feel heard and respected when you communicate?

Do you struggle with digestive issues?

How would you describe your relationships with others?

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How easily are you triggered by the actions or words of others?

Do you often struggle with feelings of unworthiness or self-criticism?

Do you have relationships where you find yourself constantly self-sacrificing for the other person?

Do you often misplace or forget things?

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Do you often experience a lack of direction in life?

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Do you often find yourself stuck in repeating patterns?

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Do you feel like you are unable to gain momentum or progress in life?

Do you feel like your current life is impacted by your past


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Are you able to easily manifest what you desire?

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Do you have a strong vision for your future?

Do you feel like you play a role in your life you are ready to

move on from?

Do you feel there are unconscious agreements or vows you have made that are holding you back? 

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Are your looking to enhance your creativity, abundance, and trust in life?

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